Grammar for business online

Our General Grammar module is quite different from what you know so far.  
Firstly, you will notice that it's for levels A2 and higher.  Effectively, for anyone that's not a complete beginner. So how can one grammar book support someone who is learning about the difference between 'will' and 'going to', and also be interesting for someone who is learning about phrasal verbs within 3rd conditional negative questions?  Well, the answer, quite simply, is because it's not a book.  This module is not limited by space, so it can mirror the real world by providing you with unrestricted access to any grammar question that you might have, regardless of your level.
Here's how:
- This material is designed to complement
your training with a trainer, so you always have
someone to answer your questions and guide you
if you want.
- You decide how much you want to learn - exercises are short, to give you a quick idea of how the language works, with the option of doing further exercises if you want more practice.  So there is enough for you to get the idea, but not too much so you get bored.
- Move freely - Like in Wikipedia, every page has links to other pages, so if you see some language that you're not sure about, you can click on it and it will take you to the page that explains that language - this is great for discovering new language areas that you had never thought of before.
- In the same way, we want to make your transition to the real world easier - so, after you have done some exercises on a language point, there is always at least one link to an external website, like a clip from a film, a song or an interview, a website or blog which has that language in it.  So you can see each language point used as native speakers use it!
- As grammar has a reputation for being boring and complicated, we decided that you busy people don't have time to read paragraphs of long explanations, so we have come up with lots of clear, colourful diagrams and images to show clearly and quickly how the language works.