English for Finance and Banking

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Working in the banking and finance sector, or preparing for the CFA exam? 

This is the most advanced specialist business English language training and material - available wherever you are, whenever you want.

Capital Markets English online
- Created by CFA and DipTESOL qualified designers, these modules provide the in-depth specialist language required for a career in international finance, or to take the CFA exam.
- With hundreds of multimedia interactive exercises that include authentic sources and material, you can be sure you are learning the current and relevant vocabulary of a rapidly evolving sector.
- The advanced platform adapts to your learning goals and progress, to make your training as efficient as possible.
- You choose which module(s) you want, and for how long.
- You decide if you want to work independently, or with the support of a certified, experienced trainer.

Blended Learning

Why not mix your training types?

We recommend you combine different types of training, so you have an experience of the language that is as well-rounded as possible. 


Mix online material with 

video-call training meetings with your trainer.  

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Capricorn English teacher online Skype