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Capricorn English exercises platform

The exercises are full of multimedia authentic sources, so you experience the real language used in your industry, not the 'Business English' you find in textbooks.


Material is updated every year, so it's current and relevant to you.


Everything is connected - a wiki-style organisation links subjects and language on the platform, and to outside sources.  


The wiki-glossary gives you a network of key terminology definitions and pronunciation - so you can explore what you want.


The platform adapts to you - need to focus on something in particular?  The platform will understand your behaviour and help you to review areas that are important for you.

The subjects we offer for online material:

Financial English exercises online
Legal English exercises online
Grammar for Business  English exercises online
Wine English exercises online

The Grammar for Business module is complementary for training bundles.


Do you know the difference in meaning between 'Sales have risen' and 'Sales have been rising'?

That's why.

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