​Who we are

Outside our offices in Covent Garden, London


Training Director 

Liz England


Wine English training coordinator

Anna Banks



(Does a bit of everything)


We have been providing Business English language training in London since 2004 , and in Paris since 2008.

Success has been due to our close network of highly motivated trainers experienced in various sectors of business,

each one specially selected to be the most appropriate for your industry and requirements.

​Our team of trainers, all native English speakers, are specialised in adapting to your work style. After a thorough analysis of each learner’s abilities and requirements, the trainer adapts the course to make the training as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

​That is why we specialise in individual training.

​In 2012 we launched our online language training platform to give you more freedom in your training, so your training

is tailor-made to you and accessible wherever you are.


We believe that learning is one of the three most important things in life. 

Another is communication. 

Enormous advances could be made in our development if we learned to improve our communication.

We know that you, as an individual, have different needs and preferences from others, so we can't expect you to do what everybody else does. 

Therefore your training is tailor-made to you: your interests, your requirements, your history and your plans. 

Part of the way we provide you with a personalised, authentic language experience, is by moving the training out of the office, so that you can experience the language in as many different contexts as possible.

English classes with Skype video-conference
Prosocial Immersion courses in London