English training for wine professionals

If you are...

a wine seller


a sommelier


a wine learner and lover

you need to know

how to talk about wine

in English.

No problem...


a wine server

And your trainer supports you by video call

Your online specialist wine English material is available for you wherever you are - whenever you want.

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Capriorn English speaking test online
Capriorn English reading and writing test online
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Capriorn English speaking test online
Capriorn English reading and writing test online



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Your training


Progress analysis,


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Choose any number and combination of subjects from the selection below. 

So you only do what you want to do!

1 subject = approx. 4 hours to complete 

30€ / subject / month 

Or choose from these popular combinations

General Wine English Module

Levels 1-3

(Approx. 16 hours)

This course is a good starter course.


Like tapas - it has a little bit of every subject from viticulture, to vinification, to logistics and sales.


Levels A2 + *

Commercial Wine English Module

(Approx. 16 hours)

For professionals in the commercial wine industry - people who buy and sell wine internationally.


From market research terms to legal and tax terms, to international commerce terms and customer service.


This course is one level - level B2+*


Wine Service English Module

(Approx. 16 hours)

For people who serve wine:   sommeliers, waiters, and people who work in oenotourism.

Describing a wine and its food pairing capacities, and general service language etiquette.

This course is one level - level A2+ *

Training material created by 
WSET Qualified professionals

1 module = approx. 16 hours to complete 

from 49€

/ module / month

All our courses include

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full daily pedagogical support from a trainer on the platform 
corrections of your written work
a WikiGlossary that allows you to see the definition of all key words and listen to their pronunciation
a revision system that adapts to your behaviour 

The Wine English team of trainers


 Michelle is from South Africa but has lived in several countries.  She has a Master's in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, and the WSET Diploma.

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Liz is originally from Washington US, but has spent most of her life in the UK and other European countries.  She has a Master's in Linguistics, the Cambridge DELTA and the WSET Diploma.

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Luke is English, with a BAHons in Modern Languages and European Studies.  He has the Cambridge CELTA and WSET Level 3, and is the cofounder of a podcast and YouTube channel about Spanish wine.  He currently leads wine tastings and tours in Madrid.

All of our Wine English trainers are native English speakers, certified English as a foreign language trainers, experienced in the wine industry, and qualified wine experts according to the WSET.

Or if you're feeling sociable...

Wine English Immersion courses

The best way to learn a language - in the country where it's spoken!

Visit wineries in the UK or the US, go to an international wine trade fair, experience the local culture...

Wine English Workshops

We offer half-day and whole day workshops, a practical, interactive way for you to learn the technical vocabulary you need.

Download the